About the Fun Mom

I’m Nicole, a mom who forgot how to play. But then something magical happened. I practiced a little everyday until I remembered, and now I call myself the Fun Mom.

Together, Fun Dad and I are raising three beautiful, talented, brilliant girls: Big Sis, Middle-est, and Baby A. We don’t always get things right the first time and we are a long way from perfect, but we do our best to love each other well and be grateful for our blessings (because we have been majorly, abundantly blessed).

I am a preschool-teaching, church-going, stretchypants-wearing, kid-hauling, former perfectionist who is taking motherhood (heck, womanhood in general) day-by-day and remembering to pat myself on the back because even though some days I’ve done better than others, all evidence points to the fact that I’ve done a bang up job so far.

I want to reach out to beautifully imperfect moms and families to create a space that rejects the idea that motherhood is all (or mostly) work and no fun.


To provide practical wisdom, and impractical musings, that inspire women to embrace motherhood and family life as it is, and rewrite our own narratives and mistaken beliefs to reveal the sweet fun of this life. As it exists right now. In this minute.

To receive every moment as an opportunity for fun and play and thus transform our hearts and our homes.

To reframe the daily quotidian from hard work to easy play; from thankless work to rewarding fun.

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