Making a house a home – a journey toward cozy

(This post was originally written in July 2017. We still don’t have curtains so it’s still relevant.)

Tomorrow afternoon our old home – the one where we started our marriage and brought three babies home from the hospital and stayed up all night with them and rocked them and fed them and watched them roll over and then stand and then walk – that home will no longer be ours. It will belong to another family who hopefully will create many memories there as well, and I’m mostly okay with that, or I would be if I had curtains. Because curtains have become extremely symbolic for me lately, mostly symbolizing that I’ve made very little progress in turning our new home into the cozy wonderland as soft and perfectly molded for We Five as was the old house.

(I may be romanticizing the past a bit.)

For as many perks as has our new home – more space, huge yard, lake view, quiet street – there are some rough edges to be sanded before I can truly sink my toes into its comfort. Here is a quick list:

1. Throw pillows. Our move involved a new sofa, which is a great piece of furniture. But every time I stretch out I need a pillow or two to really relax and there are zero pillows.

2. Temperature control. My husband runs hot but I run cold and I had thermostat management down to a science before. Now I’m just cold all the time except for when I’m super hot.

3. Light switches. Don’t underestimate the satisfaction of a light switch turning on the light you think it should.

4. Towel bars. Where did they hang their towels? Did they have towels? Were they dry? Are people not using towels anymore??

5. Curtains. I’ve been experimenting with minimalism, so part of me thought, “Maybe we don’t need curtains. They collect dust, and will interrupt all these clean, modern lines.” No. I need curtains. My bare windows make me sad. Also, turns out I’m not a minimalist.

It’s the small stuff, y’all. You can increase your square-footage, put in a pool, finish off the basement. And if that fits in your family budget, go for it. But never, ever, under any circumstances, underestimate the importance of curtains and the right throw pillow.

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