Pumpkin Lattes and Pilates: To everything there is a season

I like pumpkin lattes but I am not ready for them in August. And obviously this makes total logical sense to everyone and no further explanation is necessary.

Here are other things that are not happening this August that seem less acceptable:
Cooking well-balanced dinners
Working on this blog

All good things. Things arguably as good as a Pumpkin latte in November. And they are absolutely not happening.

We moved last spring to a larger home with a big back yard and a view. A really, really beautiful house that also needed a lot of work. Way more work than we initially thought, and that’s on top of unpacking and resettling and all the while carrying on with our regular jobs, school, and activities.

Also, a quick insight into my psyche: I don’t do change.

So, I’ve basically been hanging on by a thread while keeping everyone alive, if not particularly well-groomed. And big meals, housekeeping, some fun stuff, and 5k training fell by the wayside.

(Ok, I wouldn’t have been training for the 5k anyway.)

BUT. Here’s some stuff that HAS been happening.
Nutritionally unbalanced dinners on the back deck.
Chasing frogs.
Everyone got a haircut and my littlest went to the dentist for the first time!

Pilates, y’all. I was looking for something to keep me active during a stressful time and that was easy to do in my living room and achievable in under 20 minutes. And Pilates walked into my life and I am forever changed.

I don’t think I would have found Pilates at any other point in my life, had I not been crunched and looking for a solution within certain parameters.

And this got me thinking. If this is the season for Pilates, then maybe it’s okay if it’s also the season of Boboli Pizza and breakfast for dinner once every week. Maybe it’s okay if, for a while at least, the carpets are dirtier than usual, but we’re playing outside every day.

I will never advocate the long, deep, slide into chaos and filth, not because of any moral stance, but just because I don’t think people are happy when they’re stuck in messy and unhealthy habits. But by now, I can have enough faith in myself to know that this isn’t the beginning of the end, it’s just a season. And this season I’m going to chase butterflies and toads while the dishes sit for a bit. And Pilates. Gonna do lots of Pilates.

(And Pumpkin Latte season basically begins next week.)

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